What We Do

When someone calls and says,”I’d like to build a new house, can you handle that,” the process starts. Ripley Construction can be your general contractor, hiring reputable sub-contractors, studying the blueprints, finding the best material prices, then putting all the information together to provide you with the final cost and time table to complete the job. Ripley Construction will get your permits, for you, arrange for all the necessary inspections, and advise you on the personal preference items that you will need to select. The end result is a home you will love, and a job completed that Ripley Construction will feel pride in.

That’s why Steven heads Ripley Construction. He enjoys the challenge of building something that is high quality, competitively priced and displays expert skills. He will drive past a job that Ripley Construction has done and feel proud for being a part of it. This is true whether it is new construction, an addition, remodeling,siding, decking, or roofing.

So if a construction project is in your future, wouldn’t you want a contractor that is educated in the latest practices, skilled, hard working,, and always striving to do the best job, give the best service, and do it for the best price, while keeping your wishes as the top priority.